Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Types of Jewelry

Jewerly come in all shapes and sizes and purposes. I have tried to list a few. You are most welcome to contribute to this bejeweled list...

Hair Ornaments
Hair pins
Hair Pendants
Head Ornaments
* Clip on Earrings
* Earcuffs
* Magnetic Earrings

Nose piercing Jewelry
* Nose Rings
* Nose studs
* Nose Chains

Neck Jewelry
* Necklaces
* Chokers

Arm Jewelry
* Armlets
* Bangles
* Bracelets
* Cuff links
* Rings
Body Jewelry
* Belly Chains
* Brooches
* Naval Rings

Legs and Feet
* Anklets
* Chains
* Toe Rings

Have i missed something??

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bold and Beautiful

Go bold - go big - go brave! Try out these beautiful necklaces with exclusive glass pendants. Of late, i have developed an affinity for pendants. So you can see my recent creations, almost all the necklaces with pendants. Here are the latest ones...

A necklace with big and bold beads. Beads in the shades of purple. The star beads have definitely added uniqueness to this neck piece. The pendant in deep purple is complementing the necklace well, with the star hanging

A beautiful combination of aqua blue chip beads with contrasting black big beads. The matching bracelet is stunning with the black big bead

A beautiful contemporary design in an unusual combination of rich blue and purple beads with a longer pendant. The copper beads have given a slight vintage look too. The dangling earrings have drops

Friday, June 11, 2010

Colored chips

This necklace made out of all the left out chipped beads from the necklaces made recently. Luckily i got a matching pendant to go with it.
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